Argyro Keramida – bouzouki’s planet

Zefxis Music – February 2014


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In a male-dominated music scene, a young woman, the bouzouki’s soloist and composer

Argyro Keramida, dares , pioneers and travells us with her bouzouki in deferent   continents, presenting a new proposal

 with the release of her first album “ bouzouki’s planet”.


After two years of research, intensive study, and recordings in studio, selects composals of her favourite composers,

global repertoire, which are played first time with this instrument, filtered through her experiental relationship with the

instrument and her musical studies.


The "bouzouki's planet" is a musical project in which the bouzouki as a solo instrument, is leading twenty one musical journeys ,

interpreats Argentinean tangos, Indian ragas, music of the 20th century influenced by the mathematical Fibonacci sequences,

American jazz, Andalusian melodies ...

The bouzouki finds place in familiar, favorite musical themes from the chill-out and the latin music scene, jumps in lyrical Italy

and Japan, to end up at Celtic musical traditions .


Ιn the last song of the album, Argyro Keramida returns to the roots, setting the ancestor of bouzouki,

“the tampouras” as a protagonist.


Orchestration of "bouzouki's planet" made by Argyro Keramida while programming, the piano and Hammond signed by
Diamantis Karagiannakidis


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                                   "Music makes the world a better place. Let’s travel together!"

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                                                      Argyro Keramida performs with BS bouzouki strings  

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