Argyro  Keramida





Musical studies    Born 27 of September ,in Greece. Studied Composition Conducting , Orchestration , Piano .

Additionally studied  Pedagogics , in University of Crete  , Special Education  in University of Macedonia  
and  ‘Music education & Special needs’ at Berklee Institute for Arts Education & Special needs, Boston.

Also studied with the great soloist of bouzouki , Giannis Palaiologos in Athens.

She attended various seminaries ,indicative mentioned, with Marios Strofalis , George Kontrafouris , Thodoris Oikonomou , Gianni Lenoci & Gianni Mimmo , Greg Hutchinson,  Adam Ben Ezra  etc  Sound Recordation & Engeniering Seminaries, Ancient Greek, Byzantine Traditional, Contemporary music , and seminars of primary & secondary public education.  

   Educationional - professional action Since 2002 till nowadays, having wide pedagogical experience, is professor in Classical music and traditional stringed intruments (bouzouki, tzouras, baglamas, tampouras, etc) at many schools & music schools  of first & second stage of Greek public education.

Also is teaching with innovative and proven teaching methods, in various Greek Concervatories.

Argyro constitutes  the first Greek  female recorded bouzouki soloist & professor of public education , music schools in this instrument.

Live performance   As a bouzouki soloist  performed in concerts, at  Herod Atticus Odeon Athens with the symphonic orchestra , Megaron Moussikis Athens & Thessaloniki , Pallas , OAKA, Badminton theater, Michael Cacoyiannis foundation, palais des sports, Technopolis, festivals, tv shows.

 Specifically , with  M i l v a , as bouzouki soloist with the symphonic orchestra of ERT  at Herod Atticus odeon  ,with  Konstantinos Paliatsaras , Tzina Drivala , Heleni Vitali ,  Kostas Makedonas , Maria Soultatou , Petros Gaitanos, Grigoris Valtinos , Pemi Zouni , Symfonic Orchestra & Choir of ERT contacting by Andreas Pilarinos, children choirs of Balkan states & Cyprus, Katerina Vasilikou, Tzortzia Kefala ,  Zozo Sapountzaki , Peggy Zina, Natasa Theodoridou,  Melina Aslanidou, Kostas Karafotis,  Anastasia Moutsatsou,  Heleni Peta , Gewrgia Syllaiou, Georgia Velivasaki .                                                                      

Also with the  composers  George Papachristoudis , Paschalis Tonios  & directors  Andreas Voutsinas , Konstantinos Rigos , Dimitris Malissovas .

Collaborating  with Thanassis Polykandriotis , since 2003, performs  in  concerts with ,  Dulce Pontes , Paco Pena , India Martinez, Angel Munoz,  Irini Karayianni  ,   Mpampis Stokas , Nikos Platyrachos, Glykeria, Petros Gaitanos, Gerasimos Andreatos,      Lena Alkaiou, Aspasia Stratigou,  Tolis Voskopoulos,  Pitsa Papadopoulou, Paschalis Terzis, Vassilis Karras, Stelios Dionysiou,  Themis Adamantidis , Paschalis Tsarouchas,  Magda Pensou,  Asi Yehiel ,  Dimitris Nikoloudis, Andreas Karakotas, Dina Papaioannou, Maria Spyropoulou , Panos Bousalis, Giannis Lekopoulos, Pambina Kontea, Maria Stafylopati   &  composers  Stamatis Kraounakis, Antonis Mintzelos.  Also  performed  in tribute concerts  for  Michael Cacoyiannis,  Mikis Theodorakis  in their presence,  and  abroad  in Shangai Concert Hall  China ,  Israel etc

Argyro performed at the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad   <<Αθήνα 2004>> and participated at the recordings of the soundtrack in Stavros Xarchakos composition .


 Conferences  Argyro participated in the 1ST (october 2013)  & 2nd  (January 2014) congress for bouzouki at Michael Cacoyiannis foundation in Athens performing her new innovative compositions.

2 October 2015 performing tampouras , at the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd World Conference of Pontian Youth, at Ioannis Vellidis convention center , Presented by Mimi Denisi and Sotiris Polyzos. Under the auspices of Ivan Savvides foundation &of the presidency of Greek Democracy,  With the blessing of His all Holiness, Archibishop of Contantinople, New Rome, Primate of the Throne of the Apostle Andrew , primus inter pares and Ecumenical Patriarch M.r. Bartholomew .

As a bouzouki soloist also performed at Posidonia , the World Shipping Exhibition, June 2016

At European Congress on Computational methods in applied sciences & Engineering, Creta 2016

At  ΔΕΘ helexpo , International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, in Stavros Kougioumtzis  tribute September 2016

And  at  Zappeion Megaron , in the European Symposium of Expert  , June 2017


Synthesis   Argyro  presents  ‘metamorfoseis’ ,the first  synchronous  atonal symphonic composition (serialism , dodecaphonism) for bouzouki and symphonic orchestra & October 2013 , at Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation.

April of 2013 performs her trancriptions for piano and bouzouki in international composers of classical music , at Megaro Mousikis Thessalonikis.

Presentance of ‘metaplasis’ January 2014, the first  synchronous  atonal composition (serialism, dodecafthonism, theme and variations) for bouzouki and piano at Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation.


Discography   ’ Bouzouki’s planet’’ is released  in  February 2014 , by Zefxis Music, available on cd and  all major digital stores (itunes, googleplay, amazon ,spotify etc)  In this  album Argyro ,while respecting tradition, is introducing something pioneering . Interprets through bouzouki and tampouras , universal repertoire composers  , conctacting  the Greek music element via the worldwide.